What’s Not to LIKE?

So you’ve finally got a business facebook page. Hooray! Welcome to Social Media. Look around and get comfortable here cause it’s not going away. You’re posting awesome facts, news and photos about your company but how can you get people to read it? You need “likes”. And you need a lot. Here are a few tips on how to get folks to “like” your facebook page and follow your posts:

• Post consistent, fresh and graphically pleasing information that engages people. Do you sell widgets? Post the top 5 most unique widgets that people are looking for and the history behind them. Something to make followers interested.
• Reward loyal followers…give a shout out your clients/followers in a special posting about them. Everyone loves to be applauded.
• Promote your Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram—whatever other social networks you are using—on your facebook page. Buddy up together and get more attention!
• Integrate Facebook social plug-ins to encourage connections such as Facebook’s Likebox, Like button, and Comment stream. Look around your Facebook account. You’ll discover all these features and more.
• Click “Suggest to Friends” in the upper right hand corner of your home page. Get your personal facebook friends on board and let them help spread your message. Ask your friends and employees to do the same. Grandma will do it, you know she will.
• Remind your followers to Like and Share. Let them expand your reach by sharing your postings to their own Facebook friends. It’s like a pyramid scheme…but in a good way.
• Like your audience in return. Become a FB friend then Like and Share and especially comment on their postings. Participate outside your page.

There are many other means of gaining a following on Facebook. These few are just the “tip of the iceberg” (pun intended). But use your facebook page, walk around in there and see what it can do to promote your business which is, after all, our goal in Social Media Marketing.


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