Websites 101

Back in the bygone days of the late 90′s I used to tell clients that “someday” you will need a website. Back in those days a website was a cool new bell and whistle that only the hippest companies were interested in. Back in those days, emailing still wasn’t used as often as the good old-fashioned phone call and pdfs were just beginning to make their presence universally known and change a graphic designer’s life forever.

Nowadays we scoff at any company that doesn’t have web presence. I tend to doubt their validity and ask myself if they are legit. A website is a basic marketing tool in these enlightened days. As much as a logo and a business card. Even more so than that yellow pages ad some business people still insist on paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars for when, let’s face it, the yellow pages in general are changing to a lovely shade of rust.

Having said that, simply buying a template and slapping a website on the internet can do more harm than good. In the same way that hand drawn logo by your high school nephew that your wife thinks is charming can represent your company straight into the poor house. Friends don’t let amateurs design their friends website. That’s better left to the professionals. Your website, like your logo is the public’s first impression of you and the type of work you do. If I’m looking to buy Widgets, I want to know the Widget company I use is easy to contact and appears to be professional; like they know what they are doing. Their website home page can communicate that impression to me (or not) at first glance.
As dear old mama used to say “Plan the Work and Work the Plan”. Find a web developer who can address and implement your unique website needs into your design. Who can create a website that works for you…isn’t just another pretty face.

We specialize in web design at Saba Agency. We will sit down with you and glean information, ask questions and offer suggestions and ideas then work them into the best darn website you could want, and in a timely manner. And because our Creative Team are all in-house and working Monday through Friday, you can’t beat our quick response time.
Check us out at We’re here for you.


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