“Smiling’s My Favorite” ~ Buddy the Elf

My favorite movie this time of year is Elf. My family watches it right after Thanksgiving, as it heralds in the Christmas season at my house. One of my favorite scenes is when the Gimbel’s manager asks Buddy the Elf “Why are you smiling like that?” Buddy replies “I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite!”

It seems like such a small and insignificant thing and we know that smiling can’t solve every problem, but in business, a smile can often defuse a difficult situation. If you are negotiating with a tough client or discussing issues with a customer, a smile will show that you are willing to listen and eager to help. Smiling lights up your face, and is likely to brighten up the day for the people on the receiving end of your smile.

Some business leaders seem to think they have to be stern-faced in order to motivate their employees to get things done. This creates a culture of control and fear that trickles all the way down through the company and is evident to clients. Who wants to work there, let alone do business with them? Not me.

When you enter a store or business, if a saleswoman or receptionist smiles and asks how you are doing, and furthermore asks you if you need any help, you are more likely to be open to looking around, asking questions and making a purchase. Smiles make a difference.

Imagine standing at a map in an unfamiliar and busy airport, wondering where your flight boards, and being approached by an airport employee, smiling at you and asking if you need help finding anything. I would probably gather my purse closer to me and look back at them warily. But if this were the norm in that airport, I’d be a happier passenger, more at ease and more likely to want to fly there.

It costs nothing, takes very little effort and is happily infectious. And that one simple act can give you great return on your investment. Try it. Smiling’s my favorite.

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