Resistance is Futile

We like happy clients. Happy clients get noticed and make lots of money. So we always recommend to all our clients, when diving into their website design/redesign projects, that we be sure to incorporate SEO and social media in the process. This isn’t just an upsell; we genuinely feel we’d be doing our clients a disservice if we didn’t encourage them to think about their entire digital presence. Especially now that Facebook Pages have Timeline, it’s important for that space to be a reflection of their brand. It’s a new dawn in advertising your business—join the technology side…Resistance is futile.

And, clients who launch websites without SEO are wasting a lot of the money they’ve just spent on developing and launching that brand new site, no matter how cool it is. If Google can’t find you, you might as well be hiding under a rock. Search Engine Optimization clears the o-so-busy path, puts you on Google’s “Nice” list, and shows you off to the world at large. But SEO is an ongoing project. Simply placing meta words and tags in your coding is not the end of the story….oh if only it were that easy.

We celebrate every time our SEO plan and efforts for our clients “googles” their name up to the top of the first page. I could say we giggle at google. We love to see our client’s websites rise to the surface of search engine results.

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