Is Your Phone Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

You can find out a lot about a person from looking at their smart phone home screen. Is the music app front and center? They are a music lover. Are there 12 apps for photos and photo tweaking software on their phone? Yup. They love photography. Or the New York Times app or stock market app? They are a serious business person. Where’s the Facebook app? Is it in the toolbar? That can show you how much time is spent/wasted finding out if Aunt Susie’s chihuahua survived his first bath or how a bff scored on her SATs or…OMG…idk.

The internet is a force to be reckoned with and the makers of smart phones reckoned they’d better jump into the inter-pool. Over the years they have become expert swimmers and we are all using our phones to browse the internet like never before.

This brings up the question. Is your website smart phone-friendly? Can I access your website on my iphone and even read it? Or is it so tiny and hard to navigate that it’s too much effort and I’m going to forget about it and go back to Aunt Susie’s chihuahua?

Making a website smart-phone friendly is a piece of cake for any good web developer. And something we at Saba Agency are recommending more and more to upwardly mobile and savvy clients. We can’t say enough how vital a marketing tool your website is for your business. And with potential clients constantly on the go nowadays, how important it is that you be every present, ever friendly and ever accessible for them.

Something to think about as we enter into 2013, where all things internet will only progress forward at an even faster speed….even without Steve Jobs.

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