Delbert on Time Management

Hey, It’s Your Dime…Use it Wisely

I find myself frazzled at the ad agency from time to time. I feel like I take a deep breath when I get there in the morning and don’t let it out till I leave in the evening. The to-do list grows exponentially as my sanity shrinks. I find myself fondly remembering that old commercial “Calgon take me away!” and the camera panning to a smiling, house-wifey looking relaxed woman taking a nice comforting bath in what one can only assume to be Calgon-infused water. Yeah. That ain’t me.

Time management. The ever-fleeting hope of the hassled. I’m not an expert but here are some practices I’ve developed along the path of my career:

1. 30 Seconds Or Less
Not all to-do’s are created equal nor do they all take the same amount of time. Some items can be completed very quickly. When a to-do crosses your desk, ask yourself if it can be completed in 30 seconds or less. If so, just go ahead, do it, and get it over with — just one less thing to have to worry about later!

2. Use Siri
I used to wake up at midnight remembering things I’d forgotten to do that day. I’d jump up, get a pencil and pad and write it down. Now I use my iphone, tell Siri to send me a reminder and BAM! It’s written down and taken care of, Siri will remind me the next day and Bob’s your uncle.

3. Consolidate Routine Actions
It’s a 20 second walk from my office to the fax machine and the central office; the hub of the company. I save all my papers and faxes in a stack and take care of faxing, sorting into mail slots and dropping orders off with the office manager all at the same time, a few times a day rather than every 15 minutes. My boss asked me if I’d like him to put a fax machine in my office for my own convenience. I politely refused him and said “Walking to the fax machine several times a day is the only exercise I get.”

4. Shut Your Door
If you have the luxury of a door to your office, shut it when you need to go deep into concentration. That is a signal to your co-workers and drop-in visitors that you are not available. If they don’t get the hint and barge in anyway, tell them you are changing your clothes when the door is shut. That will make them knock first. Hopefully,

5. To Do List
You must have a date book, a calendar, a daily and weekly to do list to jot down notes. Yes with an actual pen or pencil. And check them off when completed. I make notes a few days ahead in the to do book to remind myself of upcoming tasks or to check on the status of jobs in the works. You have to figure out your own system. One that works best for you. And utilize your digital calendar in your computer if you don’t already. Mine syncs with my iphone and ipad. Priceless.

P.S. I wasted 8 minutes finding the Delbert comic at the beginning of this blog. Sigh.

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