Facebook is for Olds

You’ve seen ‘em—and you probably know a handful of ‘em and wonder what planet they came from. Every teenager in this country is glued to their cell phone, fingers feverishly tapping out Lord Knows What Message on their tiny keypad to Lord Knows Who. Texting. It’s a social addiction and America has it in spades. In my day it was called talking on the one telephone in the house that was affixed to the wall on a short cord in the kitchen so everyone in the house knew who you were talking to and what you were talking about. And dad gave you 5 minutes to talk so you weren’t monopolizing the line. Even still, IDK—IMHO, sometimes I long for the good ole’ days. Totes.

But it’s not merely texting our teens are up to. Enter the smart phone and Social Media. 9 out of 10 teens are using social media. And the top social media contender? Yes, I heard you say Facebook. Surprisingly, not so much. Teens have always been a large piece of the social media-use pie, with Facebook the number one flavor. But we find it losing ground to other competitors. As recent as Fall of 2012, Facebook was the #1 social media platform among teens, according to consumer reports. 42% of our teens primarily used Facebook over Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and all others. Twitter ran a hot second, coming in at 27%.

This Fall (2013) we are seeing a 17% increase in Instagram use among teens. And guess what they are posting on Instagram? 91% are selfies (photos of themselves). Twitter-teens have remained steady at 26% with Facebook-teens decreasing to a mere 23%. Instagram and Snapchat are close on the heels of Twitter as well as Tumblr.

And what about Facebook? Apparently its for Olds. Although statistics show the kids are not abandoning it altogether, they are diversified in their social media use. As parents and grandparents we need to be aware of how they are engaging and with who. For eg., If you have’t checked out Snapchat you must. Danger Will Robinson, danger. I’m just saying.

What does this mean in the World of Advertising? It means we grown ups must put down our 8-track tapes and pay attention. Teenagers are the adults of tomorrow. Scary thought but they are, indeed, a force to be reckoned with, and their social media trends are changing more often than their attitudes.

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