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To SWAG or not to SWAG. That is the question

SWAG. Stuff We All Get. Promotional Giveaways. We all use them and they all end up on our desk at work or in our purses. I have a tiny sewing kit in my purse from a local bank. I am reminded of them every time I have to sew an emergency button on. There is […]

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What’s Not to LIKE?

So you’ve finally got a business facebook page. Hooray! Welcome to Social Media. Look around and get comfortable here cause it’s not going away. You’re posting awesome facts, news and photos about your company but how can you get people to read it? You need “likes”. And you need a lot. Here are a few […]

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Top 7 Ways to Fail at a Job Interview

Are you in the market for a job? Job interviews can be intimidating to the unwary interviewee. Here are some tried and true ways to guarantee you never get a call-back. 1. Leave your cell phone on. I actually interviewed a young man who’s cell phone went off in the middle of the interview. His […]

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Websites 101

Back in the bygone days of the late 90′s I used to tell clients that “someday” you will need a website. Back in those days a website was a cool new bell and whistle that only the hippest companies were interested in. Back in those days, emailing still wasn’t used as often as the good […]

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Are You Mobile-Friendly?

Advertising is changing rapidly with each passing second. The field of ad technology in particular is constantly thrust forward by every introduction of new innovations for attracting online attention in an attempt to gain potential customers. Nothing stays the same nor does it stay around for long. Remember 8-track tapes and Beta VHS players? I […]

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How to Earn a Bad Cyber-Rep…in One Easy Step

Although Saba Agency boasts a state-of-the-art graphic design, website development and social media dept., it is only a portion of the mega-machine that is runs this outfit. Saba Agency, along with our sister company, Creative Concepts, boasts 9 exceptional account reps. These wonderful individuals are a whiz when it comes to promotional items; hats, shirts, […]

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Good Ideas for Websites (…I stole them from 27b/6 website) This would be a website where instead of having to look all over the internet for what you want, it would all be in the one place. This would effectively end the need for search engines so I would have to be careful that google representatives do not kill me in my sleep. […]

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You’ve Got Mail!

I remember working at Saba Agency back in the day….Before, and during the birth of email—when “emails” were spelled “e-mails”, online was “on-line” and every website domain name was preceded by “http://” Ahh….those were the days. Now we could email print files to the printer and website proofs to our web clients. We thought emailing […]

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