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Facebook is for Olds

You’ve seen ‘em—and you probably know a handful of ‘em and wonder what planet they came from. Every teenager in this country is glued to their cell phone, fingers feverishly tapping out Lord Knows What Message on their tiny keypad to Lord Knows Who. Texting. It’s a social addiction and America has it in spades. […]

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Hey, It’s Your Dime…Use it Wisely

I find myself frazzled at the ad agency from time to time. I feel like I take a deep breath when I get there in the morning and don’t let it out till I leave in the evening. The to-do list grows exponentially as my sanity shrinks. I find myself fondly remembering that old commercial […]

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Is Your Phone Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

You can find out a lot about a person from looking at their smart phone home screen. Is the music app front and center? They are a music lover. Are there 12 apps for photos and photo tweaking software on their phone? Yup. They love photography. Or the New York Times app or stock market […]

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CMYK…Like the Colors of My Mind

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved playing with and admiring colors. At the tender age of 5, in Kindergarten, I was informed that I was coloring “wrong”. Although I meticulously stayed inside the lines, Sister Mary Margaret instructed me that I was using the wrong colors and my strokes weren’t K-compliant. Even then I […]

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Old School Marketing 101

Marketing our business in this golden age of technology is a whole new ballgame these days….we are painfully aware of that. Using Trade Shows as a marketing tool has always been a good marketing strategy for many businesses. But now we are questioning ourselves—does trade show marketing work? Are trade shows still relevant in the […]

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