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Old School Marketing 101

Marketing our business in this golden age of technology is a whole new ballgame these days….we are painfully aware of that. Using Trade Shows as a marketing tool has always been a good marketing strategy for many businesses. But now we are questioning ourselves—does trade show marketing work? Are trade shows still relevant in the […]

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Welcome to the New Age…Buckle Up!

Marketing, along with everything else, has entered a new age. Welcome to the 21st century. Since its inception, advertising has been dedicated to the creation of programmed messaging. For nearly 300 years, those who could create the best message and deliver it in a memorable way across as wide an audience as possible, won. Cha-ching! […]

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Give ‘Em What They Want

Email marketing is a great internet innovation and can be one of the most effective ways to reach customers and to offer them special deals and information. And with the current Google algorithm update, it’s even more important to focus on things other than just the search engines. Do you already have an email marketing […]

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Logo Schmlogo

Your logo does not sell your company or describe your company…It is a symbol, an avatar that quickly identifies your company. If you think of logos like people, we prefer to be called by our name rather than “that nice office lady who wears purple a lot”. Our name quickly identifies who we are, just […]

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